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Israel Photography by Yoav Cohen

+ Behind the Image

Towards the winter, Israel's skies begin to create amazing sunsets, with mixes of oranges, yellows. greys and whites that spread their golden tranquility over whatever they touch. Every daily show is a unique expression of how the seasons switch as the earth tilts towards winter.

"Israel's skies in the winter are a flip on reality. They are dramatic, expressive, loud, magical. And that is versus images like this one, showing a tranquil evening at ground level in the Yarkon Park."

+ Availability

Limited edition, series of 5 original artist proof prints.

For more information and a personalized quote, please inquire below.

Prints can be ordered in a variety of sizes, formats and framing options. To receive a personalized consultation and quote, including printing and shipping costs, please enter your details below.

Thanks. We will be in touch.


Yarkon Park Sunset No.

Tel Aviv - Jaffa

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