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Fine Art Photography by Yoav Cohen

+ Behind the Image

As the sun rose over a hazy central Israel, it cast a golden glow over 

the city and the river that runs through the park, its bridges and the city. 

"Mornings are my favorite time to be up and out to photograph various places, not just for the perfect light that sunrises provides, but because you get to experience places in an entire new way. This scene seems serene, almost as if no one in Tel Aviv has even woken up. Yet, this park is a hub of acivity in the morning, especially during the summer when 5 am is the best time to do sports."

+ Availability

Limited edition, series of 5 original artist proof prints.

For more information and a personalized quote, please inquire below.

Prints can be ordered in a variety of sizes, formats and framing options. To receive a personalized consultation and quote, including printing and shipping costs, please enter your details below.

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Yarkon Park Sunrise No. 2

Tel Aviv - Jaffa

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