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Israel Photography by Yoav Cohen

Explore Israel, like never before

About the Project

This photo-journalistic journey goes beyond the classic stories of Israel, and brings to life it's secrets hiding in plain sight. Every image explores Israel's melting pot and the layers of history that have shaped it's natural and civil history for millennia. 


From everyday Israel to its back alleys and forgotten corners - discover the stories, people and places that make this land one of humanity's most complex and exciting places to explore. 

Limited edition prints of each image are available in a variety of formats and sizes and can be shipped worldwide. Bring a unique story of Israel to your wall today.

Behind the Lens

About the Artist

Yoav Cohen is a landscape photographer based in Tel Aviv, Israel. Armed with a passion for storytelling, and over 15 years of experience, he brings his work to life through unique techniques that combine urban, landscape and aerial photography in one of the world's most complex and exciting places to explore.

The Point of View project has featured in National Geographic exhibitions, major global newspapers, and is displayed in homes and businesses across the world. 

Yoav offers lectures and exhibitions on various themes within the project that prompt engagement and discussion of the nexus between nexus topical events, history, culture, and ecology. For more information, contact Yoav directly.

Now14 News - A Taste of Beauty from The Surrounding Gaza Area

Live interview with Lital Shemesh, Now14 News, on Point of View and the 2022 National Geographic photography competition (Hebrew, English subtitles)

Live TV interview with Sharon Wexler from Israel's national broadcasting network on work selected for National Geographic's exhibition in Southern Israel.


In the Media

Television Interviews

Times of Israel homepage screenshot

A summary of 12 of the best images from secret locations in Israel. Featured on Times of Israel's front page and blogs, December 2021 

Tel Aviv port post screenshot

Tel Aviv port's official website gallery, with photos from shoots over a number of weeks (Hebrew)

News Articles

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