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Ancient Land, New Perspectives 

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Lines & Shapes - Hebrew Carousel

Lines & Shapes

Change your vantage point to a new sketch of Israel from a bird's eye view - looking down at the places you thought you knew well, but never imagined like this.

Sea of Galilee - Daily Life

Daily Life

Discover places, meet people, and experience events unique to the Middle Eastern melting pot by exploring the energy of daily life in Israel from new angles.

Landmarks - Sa'ar Shipwreck

Undiscovered Landmarks

From remnants of Biblical times to the remains of the Yom Kippur War,  uncover what is hiding in plain site across Israel's diverse landscape.


This is a photographic journey that goes beyond the classic and expected to tell the stories of the local, lesser known secrets of the Holy Land.​ Each series on this blog focuses on a theme from new perspectives, and include stories of unknown landmarks, new views of objects and places, and an exploration of people's daily lives and activities in the Israeli melting pot....

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